College of Dental Medicine


The College of Dental Medicine includes the School of Dentistry
and the Department of Oral Hygiene. It was the first domestic
dental medical education institute of college scale in Taiwan, and
advances toward the oral medical education of international
standard. In teaching, the school of Dentistry stresses both clinical
skills and knowledge of basic science to allow students to
experience clinical conditions and develop expertise in both
theory and clinical skills.
The establishment of the Graduate Institute of Dental Medicine
was to cultivate professionals well-trained in both research and
medical treatment. In addition to advancing the standard of the
study of dental medicine, the school attempts to apply research
results to clinical situations. The Department of Oral Hygiene aims
to cultivate the ability of oral hygienic education, the ability of
supporting dental treatments, prevention of oral healthcare, creativity,
and oral hygienic professionals with a global vision.
Taiwan’s only Graduate Institute of Oral Hygiene aims to cultivate
oral hygienic knowledge and research ability, analyze and improve
oral hygienic problems of special groups, promote oral hygiene,
and probe into the policy and practices of oral hygiene. The College
of Dental Medicine cultivates the best professionals of dental
science, oral hygienic policy and improvement, oral healthcare and
prevention of general and special groups by operation of the whole
institute, integration of technology, interdisciplinary research, and
promoting international academic exchange. The college provides
the public with total dental and oral healthcare to improve oral
healthcare and quality of life.
Development Priorities and Future Prospects
1.Cultivating professional dentists and oral hygienic healthcare
2.Setting up three college-level research centers (Global Center
of Excellence for Oral Health Research and Development,
Dental Medical Devices and Materials Research Center, and Oral Maxillofacial Imaging Research Center) to connect with
the world , promote academic research results, and cooperate
with industries.
3.Researching the relationships between betel nut, oral cancer and
potential oral malignant lesions (Investigation of the mechanism
of oral cancer metastasis, stem cell therapy for oral cancer, and
the potential of oral malignant lesions).
4.Investigating the factors and therapies of osteo-immunology
and periodontal disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid immune
5.Studies of oral anaerobes, oral microorganisms and systemic
6.Researching stem cell use in Dentistry.
7.Developing animal models of oral cancer and the potential of oral
malignant lesions, and image analysis and application.
8.Developing high technology in the dentist field.
9.Promoting oral hygiene care of localized disease and epidemiological
studies of oral hygiene care in the community.
10.Strengthening international academic exchanges.
With the help of different professions in research and teaching
fields, the College of Dental Medicine will organize research and
teaching teams in the college to operate multi-perspective integrated teaching research in terms of compatibility and complementarity.



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