College of Humanities and Social Sciences


The College was founded on the 1st of August 2012, integrating
the Department of Psychology (Undergraduate and Master’s
Programs), the Department of Medical Sociology and Social Work
(Undergraduate and Master’s Degree Programs), the Graduate
Institute of Gender Studies and some other units. Non-departmental
instructional units were reorganized: Physical Education Division
and Language Education Division were upgraded to become the
Center for Physical Education and the Center for Language and
Culture respectively. Likewise, the Division of Humanities and
Social Sciences was to become the Center for Humanities and Arts
Education while the division of Natural and Applied Sciences was
turned into the Center for Fundamental Science Education.
The College coordinates human health and welfare as the focus
of teaching and research, to provide impetus to the education
of humanities and social sciences, and to streamline researches
relevant to medical humanities, healthy communities, and medical
psychology. We hope to educate professionals in the healthcare and
medical industry, to familiarize students with theory and practice,
and to nurture their interdisciplinary perception in Psychology,
Applied Sociology and Social Work. Moreover, the College is
an advocator and executant cultivating our students’ humanities
The undergraduate programs of the College center on both theory
and practice, engaging in students’ major fields as well as those
of the interdisciplinary. Our graduate studies aim at educating
professionals with in-depth training in Psychology, Applied
Sociology and Social Work as needed in the healthcare and
medical Industry, strengthening the already established teaching,
research and service of psychology, applied sociology and social
work in the healthcare and medical field. In addition, the College
systematically cultivates students’ humanistic values needed
in the healthcare and medical field by the design of curricula,
arrangement of instructors, enlivening of teaching approaches,
and the exposure of learning through experience.
In order to advance teachers’ teaching strategies, the College holds
a teaching workshop for teachers each semester to exchange
methods with specialists or professors outside of KMU. In addition,
the College consistently encourages teachers to improve designs
of courses, moreover, to create new teaching activities to enhance
students’ outcome-based learning. Besides workshops, teachers
themselves organize teaching groups according to subjects,
brainstorming and discussing arrangements of courses as well as
teaching methods in the certain group, meanwhile learning and
encouraging each other to elevate teaching quality. As for
professional research, teachers associates with those with similar
professions in College to do research and offer professional
services. In 2013 and early 2014, we respectively set up universitylevel
“Research Center for Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization”
leading by the Center for Fundamental Science Education and
college-level “Positive Psychology Center” installing by the
Department of Psychology to integrate resources inside and outside
of KMU and promote cooperative research projects.
Improving students’ humanities and characters and to create a
learning environment with the atmosphere of humanism and culture
is the main mission of the College of Humanities and Social
Sciences. In 2013, the College played a leading role at facilitating
the policy– all freshmen as members of KMU Academy. In order
to facilitate the campus with a milieu of arts, the College takes
plan the festival of arts annually. The topics of the lectures range
from literature, history, philosophy, arts, and social issues.
Specialists in different fields will be invited to give talks with
students. In order to grow students’ ability to appreciate arts and
culture, the College has planned a series of dynamic activities and
art exhibitions, by which teachers and students can experience an
artistic world totally different from their professions. Since the
establishment of the College in August 2012, the College has held
more than 200 lectures and activities concerning humanities and
social sciences and the number of participants are over 40,000.
The College of Humanities and Social Science keeps on developing.
With the efforts of all KMU’s members, the College will move
forward to realize the goal that set up by KMU was founded.
We hope the founding of the College can introduce brand now
atmosphere to KMU in both social science research and humanities,
and furthermore, to nurture medical professionals with the spirit
of humanitarianism and social caring for our society.



by Bliss Drive Review