Kaohsiung Municipal Cijin Hospital


Kaohsiung City Government had planned the task of bidding
for several months from April 18, 2013. In December 13, 2013,
the government officially announced KMU as ROT’s most
excellent applicant. On October 1 2014, after over nine months of
planning and trial operations, the opening and operating ceremony
of Kaohsiung Municipal Cijin Hospital and “James Laidlaw
Maxwell’s House” was hosted by the city mayor, Chu Chen,
Secretary of Ministry of Health and Welfare, Chi-Kung Ho, KMU’s
Chairman of the Board, James D. Chen, KMU’s president,
Ching-Kuan Liu and the first superintendent, Chao-Hung Kuo.
In 1866, Dr. James Laidlaw Maxwell set up Taiwan’s first modern
medical hospital—“Takow Hospital.” He was the first western
doctor conducting medical treatment in Taiwan. It has been 150
years since Dr. Maxwell set up “Takow Hospital,” and Kaohsiung
City Government considers Cijin “the beginning of modern
hospitals in Taiwan; also the origin of modern medical education
in Taiwan”, so expects the KMU medical system to follow Dr.
Maxwell’s mission to undertake the responsibility of taking care
of health of Cijin’s citizens.
Besides offering outpatient clinic, emergency department and
hospitalization services, the hospital has brand-new equipment in
rehabilitation, hemodialysis, dental clinic and operating rooms,
which can offer Cijin’s inhabitants a comprehensive healthcare
service. Besides, the hospital has introduced the first CT scanner
in Cijin, facilitating diseases diagnosis.
KMCH is the only medical institute in Cijin district, which has
the responsibility to offer medical service to 30,000 inhabitants.
KMCH deeply understands the medical demands and expectations
of Cijin’s inhabitants, so it offers “Strengthen local medical service,
develop characteristc care model” as the goal and taking “Guard
health of Cijin generations, become a golden standard community
hospital of holistic care” as the future mission. KMCH upholds
the concept of 1) “patient-center and patient’s safety as the main
axis”; 2) focus on community healthcare promotion, and integrating
current resources; and 3) exploration of medical features,
intensifying differences between markets and elevating medical
quality. In addition, the hospital “strengthens community service”
and “optimizes the function of medical care,” which is its operating
strategy. KMCH will integrate the medical care in Chung-Ho
Memorial Hospital, Municipal Siaogang Hospital, and Municipal
Ta-Tung Hospital vertically, and strengthen contact with the
local Preventive Medicine Foundation to provide high-quality
medical care.
KMCH is founded upon the core idea of a holistic healthcare
medical system, emphasizing the idea of an individual as center,
family as unit, and community as range to provide comprehensive,
coordinated and continuing medical healthcare. KMCH will strive to
become a “Health Promoting Hospital,” combining the most novel
information and communication technology to offer the community
diverse healthcare promotion services, integrating community
resources, encouraging community people to participate and
undertake the responsibility to promote community health, setting
up a health promotion taking-care-cloud in Cijin district, upholding
and improving community health, preventing diseases actively,
and creating a healthy island with comprehensive healthcare.
KMCH will be devoted to doing research on cohort of Cijin
citizens. Cijin district is similar to Framingham in the U.S., which
includes three advantages: 1. Geographical separation from
Kaohsiung City, which makes itself into an independent district;2. Steady population, low immigration and emigration rate; and
3. No other large scale hospitals, except for KMCH, which makes
easily accessible the medical records on light or severe diseases.
KMCH expects to establish a generational tracking research based
on the hospital as foundation, even the community as foundation,
and family as unit. The accumulation of the research results will
benefit the Cijin community and will have great contribution to
healthcare in Taiwan and even the world.
Therefore, KMCH will provide medical services by taking Cijin
neighbors as “good neighbors” to bring convenience to Cijin
citizens when they go to the hospital, and meanwhile, they can
recieve high-quality healthcare. With the help of excellent medical
skills and good quality of the medical group from the medical
center, Cijin hospital will be devoted to providing medical services
in general medicine, family medicine, preventive medicine, acute
health care and community health. In the future, it will develop
the subacute or chronic healthcare institutes so as to establish a
holistic healthcare net.



by Bliss Drive Review