Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital


KMU was entrusted to operate Ta-Tung Hospital by Kaohsiung
City Government in 2009. The hospital is the first ROT municipal
hospital in Taiwan, and the third KMU affiliated hospital. The
hospital passed the New Teaching Hospital Accreditation within
one year of its establishment, and was certified “Excellent” in
New Hospital Accreditation at the same year by Taiwan Joint
Commission with the record for shortest time to win this award in
Taiwan. In the second year of operation, the hospital began to gain
profit, building up the model of private management of a public
hospital. In 2011, the hospital won the ninth session of Private
Participation in Public Construction Golden Thumb Award, Private
Team First-Rate Award and Public Welfare Award of the Public
Construction Commission, the Executive Yuan, which has become
the model of promoting civil people’s participation in public
construction projects.
The hospital has 25 clinical medical units, 850 faculties, 90
physicians, 479 hospital beds, and is qualified with ability and
quality of acute and critical care. The hospital has multiple first-aid
medical resources and medical groups to deal with acute myocardial
infarction, stroke and trauma. Besides, it develops feature medical
care by setting up a Breast Center, Joint Reconstruction Center,
Women’s Healthcare Center, Dialysis Center, Radiation Oncology
Center, Cancer Center, Health Management Center, and Geriatrics
and Gerontology & Disable Integrated Clinic.
Ta-Tung Hospital executes national and city governments’ medical
hygiene policies and undertakes the responsibility of a municipal
hospital. It provides innovative patient-centered care delivery
and environment by implementing APP, registration mobile
counters, automatic payment machines, automatic prescription
refill machines and etc. to offer humanitarian services. In addition,
in order to carry out social responsibility, the hospital invests the
most resources to community construction, which elevates the
public’s healthcare management ability. The achievement was
recognized by the Global Views Magazine and nominated for the
Tenth Edition of Social Responsibility Award, which make the
hospital highly recognized in community health promotion and
construction. According to ROT performance guarantee, the annual
premium given to the city government is up to 30 million NTD with total amount of 100 million NTD within past 4 years. That
makes Ta-Tung Hospital listed at the top of municipal hospitals
with regard to resources turn in to city government.
In the future, Ta-Tung hospital will uphold the KMU vision of
outstanding teaching, innovative research, optimized humanities,
and social care. We hold fast to medical ethics and obligate social
responsibility. Through quality improvement and organizational
reengineering, the hospital focuses on employee cultivation and
assistance programs. With quality medical care and considerate
services, we are able to reach out to communities and the
vulnerable, creating shared benefit between city government,
citizens, and the KMU medical system .



by Bliss Drive Review