Total Care, Active Service, Promoting Students to Have Diverse and Balanced Development


Healthy, Safe, and Friendly Campus
In order to improve students’ physical and mental health, KMU integrates
the resources from school and hospitals to offer a professional and total
physical and mental healthcare service. For example, the KMU student
outpatient service offers psychological counselling by professional and
experienced psychiatrists and counsellors. In addition, diverse and interesting
sports activities, health improvement, and psychological counselling
activities help to improve students’ physical and mental health.
Besides, the improvement of hardware equipment and the transportation
environment give students a safe learning milieu. In 2011, KMU was listed
as “International Safe School” by WHO (the World Health Organization),
the first university to win this reputation in Kaohsiung. In 2014, KMU
formed “East-Kaohsiung Universities’ Mutual Security Alliance of Students’
Renting Houses” with National Sun Yat-sen University, Wenzao Ursuline
University of Languages, and Cheng Shiu University to safeguard students’
Having good communication with students is highly valued by KMU.
Besides a student’s immediate report network system and an appointment
with the president, the students’ association holds public hearings about
public issues on campus to discuss issues concerning students’ rights and
foster student direct dialogue with the administrative offices. In this way,
students can learn how to communicate with people, strengthen the soft
power in their career, and respect others; accordingly, KMU is highly praised
by upholding students’ rights. In 2011, KMU was awarded the second place
of the “Evaluation of College Students’ Rights” and “The Outstanding
University with A Friendly Campus Award” in 2012. (The only one nationwide.)

The Balanced Development of
Students’ Five Major Aspects

Providing medical service is the core value of KMU. Many
alumni or teachers are awarded a “Medical Contribution Award”
every year. So far, 26 persons have received this award, the most
winners in all of Taiwan’s universities.
In order to propagate the excellent tradition of caring and
devotion, KMU advocates moral education, includes “Service
Learning” into Freshman-required subjects, and offers selected
courses such as “Medical Treatment and Devotion” and “Outstanding
people and events of KMU.” In order to cultivate students’ humanitarian
principles and carry out social care, the office of Student Affairs
and the Office of International Affairs tutor students to participate
in community, social, and international services.
In 2001, KMU was awarded the “Special Contribution Award of
Medical treatments in Mountains and Islands” by the Department of
Health, the Executive Yuan. In 2002, KMU was awarded “The
Sixth-Term Award of Improving Indigenous Social Development”
by the Council of Indigenous Peoples, the Executive Yuan. The
international volunteer services have received an award each year
since 2007. Its excellent style of education won KMU awards as
“School of Excellent Moral Education” by the Ministry of Education
in 2010, and “Characteristic School with Moral Education” in
2013 and 2014.
In order to equip students with five moral and intellectual aspects,
KMU not only educates students withofficial courses to improve
students’ professional knowledge but encourages them to take
part in sports and student association activities as well. In
addition, KMU holds various cultural and artistic activities including
academy of life since 2010, and “all freshmen as academic students”
activity in 2013. By extracurricular learning activities, students
are equipped with the humanities, citizenship, and diverse abilities,
including moral, intellectual, physical, communitarian and aesthetic
abilities. From 2011, KMU has received the grants of “Cultivation
of Citizenship of All School Students” from the Ministry of Education
over the past three years. The student associations are developed
very well. From 2010 to 2014, KMU’s student associations and
student council have been assessed as Excellent by the evaluation
of nationwide student associations and student councils.

Giving advice to plural career
choices and foreign students
In order to cultivate student competency in future career choices,
KMU adds advice on future careers to the Program for Promoting
Teaching Excellence Universities: giving career advice since
entrance to the school, offering courses related to future career
plans, having future career advisers in each department, integrating
alumnus resources on the net to provide students with employment
opportunities, cooperating in research and industry-university
synergies, and giving counseling re employment and the way to
start an enterprise. What’s more, KMU also thinks highly of
cultivating career soft power. With the help of courses related
to soft power, academic education, service learning, student
association activities and sports activities, students’ work-study
and designing checks and feedback with a view to fostering
students’ career soft power is enhanced.
In response to the trend of internationalization, KMU pays much
attention to giving counseling to overseas students and foreign
students. The Division of Overseas Student Counseling assists
these overseas students to get accustomed to the new environment
by offering living counseling, overseas student association
counseling, and schoolwork tutoring. Besides, the Division also
introduces Taiwanese culture to the overseas students by holding
Taiwanese culture study camps and cultivates their willingness to
giving services to people by offering returning-home or domestic
services. KMU’s efforts of counseling overseas students have
gained positive evaluation from the Ministry of Education. In
2009, KMU won the “outstanding performance on overseas student
counseling award” by the Ministry of Education.
KMU is devoted to providing students with a good learning
environment and hopes to create a campus full of prosperity and
creativity, by which students can wander between learning and
joining extracurricular activities to fully enjoy humanistic education
and professional knowledge scenarios offered.



by Bliss Drive Review