Welcome to The Tzu-Pin Wang Group

My research group has been focused on four major research areas: 1) nucleic acid modifications for biomolecule detection and quantification, and nucleic acid therapeutics development, 2) discovery of novel RNA catalysts and aptamers, 3) organic synthesis of fluorescence chemical probes for quantification of enzyme activity and early detection of diseases in human, and 4) agarose chemistry for development of agarose-based biomaterials useful in biotechnology.


Research Highlights

    1. Nucleic acid chemistry and applications: Topics include phosphoramidation chemistry for post-synthetic modifications and conjugations of DNA/RNA; novel and effective bioorthogonal chemical approaches for nucleic acid modifications and labeling; novel approaches for synthesis of peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates (POCs); synthesis of POCs for achieving gene silencing and RNA interference ; novel methods for universal labeling and modifications DNA/RNA; phosphoramidation reactions for DNA microarray fabrication and detection; novel ribozymes and aptamers for developments of nucleic acid-based biosensors.
    2. Chemistry of ribozymes and aptamers: Topics include in vitro evolution and selection of novel ribozymes and aptamers; structure determination of ribozymes and aptamers; determination of catalytical mechanisms of ribozymes.
    3. Bioorthogonal chemistry-based syntheses of fluorescence chemical probes and their applications: Topics include organic synthesis of fluorescence chemical probes, quantification of enzyme activity by changes in fluorescence, and in situ and in vivo detection of redox and biothiol homeostasis changes in biological sysytems.
    4. Agarose Chemistry: Topics include purification of biotechnological grade agarose from indigenous Rhodophyta in Taiwan; synthesis of agarose derivatives useful in biotechnology and bioengineering.


Publications since 2010

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