Connecting with the World, Striding Towards Top Medical Universities


International Academic
Reinforcing the Network of International Relations

KMU establishes collaborative relations with overseas universities
actively. Within the recent three years, the increase of new
collaborative cases with sister schools is as follows: 6 cases in
2012, 4 cases in 2013, and 23 cases in 2014. The year of 2014 can
be said to be the most brilliant year of having cooperative relations
outside the university. In addition to the exchanges with the sister
schools, KMU has also joined international activities assiduously,
including Educators’ annual conferences, the Taiwan-Florida and
Taiwan-Maryland Conferences on Higher Education, and QS
International Events for Professional Leaders in Education.
Participating in APCS (Asia Pacific Cities Summit) in 2013 also
strengthened KMU’s international network and raised KMU’s
international awareness. Moreover, KMU hosted “Taiwan-
Maryland Conference on Higher Education” in 2014, which invited
scholars from universities in both Taiwan and the State of Maryland
to communicate and brainstorm on mutual academic collaboration.

International collaborative teaching courses

According to individual needs, teachers can plan courses by
themselves and invite international scholars to give the course
together. By doing so, students will have a cross-cultural vision
and acquire professional content. The number of foreign scholars
who have come to KMU to give courses reached twenty-one in
2012, sixty-one in 2013 and forty-five in 2014.

Dual Ph.D. Degree Program

In order to raise KMU’s awareness and acquire more international
resources and cooperating opportunities, KMU signed agreements
with the University of Szeged in Hungary and the Uppsala
University in Sweden between 2011- 2012 on the cooperation of
the Dual Ph.D. Degree Program. One doctoral student has
graduated from the Natural Products Institute from the University
of Szeged in Hungary in 2014. KMU also signed an agreement on
the Dual Ph.D. Degree with UC Irvine in the U.S and Aix-Marseille
University in France between 2013-2015 to encourage teachers
and students to have more international communications.

Collaborative teaching courses given by the scholars from
Harvard University and University of Arkansas for Medical
Sciences (UAMS)

Since 2009, KMU has successfully invited scholars from Harvard
University to give collaborative teaching courses. Besides, KMU
has maintained a good relationship with our first sister school, the
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), since 1980.
To strengthen the exchange with UAMS, KMU has cooperated
with UAMS to provide a course project called “UAMS Biochem
Week” for medical students since 2012. Furthermore, the “Liver
Week” has been formed with Harvard scholars since 2014, too.

Cultivating Teachers’ and
Students’ Global Mobility

Students’ study abroad exchange and participation in
international conferences

1.The subsidy for studying abroad
KMU enacts “Guidelines for the grants of students’ studying
abroad service” and encourages students to take courses abroad,
learn on the job, join volunteer activities, participate in industry
internship, or publish papers. The number of people who applied
for the subsidy these three years: 334 persons in 2012, 408 persons
in 2013 and 418 persons in 2014.
2.Study Abroad Project under the Ministry of Education
KMU sends students abroad for overseas study with the
Ministry of Education’s subsidiary projects: Scholarships for
Excellent Students to Study Abroad; Hardship for Students to
Study Abroad; and Pilot Overseas Internships. In 2011 and 2012,
three students were selected under Scholarships for Excellent
Students to Study Abroad, and 26 students under Pilot Overseas
Internships. Four students were selected under Scholarships for
Excellent Students to Study Abroad, and 36 students under Pilot
Overseas Internships in 2013, while 8 students under Scholarships
for Excellent Students to Study Abroad, and 31 students under
Pilot Overseas Internships were selected in 2014.

Recognizing overseas course credits

Students of the Department of Medicine and Post-graduate Medical
Department will be sent to Harvard University, University of Hawaii,
University of Seoul, and Juntendo University for learning and
internships. Graduate students of the College of Nursing will be
sent to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
for taking cross-cultural nursing courses. Students of the College
of Health and Science still studying in the graduate program will
be sent to the Medical Management Institute of Virginia University
for taking the course, “American Medical Management Practice,”
of which credit will be recognized by KMU.

International Volunteering Service Project:

KMU has selected students to provide medical services to the
Solomon Islands, the Kingdom of Malawi, and India since
2007. The Kingdom of Malawi group was awarded “First place in
the iVT volunteer group of the southern region” and “Excellent
performance in the iVT volunteer group of the southern region”
in 2012, and “First place in the regional peace volunteer group of
international volunteer service” in 2013. Malawi and the North
India groups cooperated with National Sun Yat-sen University to
offer many more services to these developing areas in 2014. In the
same year, Malawi group was awarded Second place in the Taiwan Youth volunteers group competition of international volunteer.
The year 2015 opens a new page for international volunteers since
the Indonesia group and the international volunteer club were found
at the same time so as to recruit more students who are interested
in international affairs and volunteer services.

Enhancing Overseas Students’

Propagating KMU’s learning programs, receiving overseas

In order to increase the enrollment of overseas students, KMU
propagates learning programs and admission information,
participates in overseas education fairs, and contacts Taiwan’s
overseas offices and overseas centers of education. The number
of overseas students is increasing each year: 42 persons in 2012
and 55 persons in 2013. In addition, the “Bachelor program of the
Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology”
has begun to receive overseas students since 2014.

Encouraging overseas students as exchange students to KMU

1.“Taiwan Tech Trek, TTT,” National Science Council
KMU offers professional internship opportunities and attracts
many students to apply for the program. These applicants are
outstanding. Fifteen persons participated in summer program in
KMU in 2011, and 15 persons in 2012. In 2014, there will be
13 students. 6 students came to participate in this program, and
in 2015 will be 7 students.
2.MHIRT (Minority Health and Health Disparities International
Research Training) Project by San Diego University
KMU cooperates with San Diego University, where students who
are selected can receive related training and research in KMU
during the summer vacation. Five students in 2011, two students
came annually from 2012 to 2014. And in 2015, there will be
two students come to participate in this program.
3.In regard to the Exchange Overseas students from sister schools,
international student organizations, and students applying for
the program themselves, there were 162 students in 2011, 137
students in 2012, and 114 students in 2013.

Encouraging English-teaching courses

Master’s and Ph.D. programs have uploaded their syllabuses in
English. The approach to awarding teachers lecturing in English
and encouraging them to give courses in English has been revised.
During the past three years, the number of courses lectured in
English were 94 in 2012, 102 in 2013 and 100 in 2014.