College of Pharmacy


●School of Pharmacy (Undergraduate, Master’s, On-the-Job Master’s)
●Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy ( Master’s and PhD programs)
●Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science (Undergraduate and Master’s programs)
●Graduate Institute of Natural Products (Master’s and PhD programs)
●PhD program in Toxicology

The College of Pharmacy was established on August 1, 1999, was
the first College of Pharmacy in Taiwan, and the first of its kind.
The School of Pharmacy is composed of undergraduate (1957),
MS (1982) and Ph.D. programs (1988) in Pharmaceutical Sciences,
In-service M.S. program (1999) and M.S. program in Clinical
Pharmacy (2004), the Department of Fragrance and Cosmetics
(2003) and its MS program (2007), the Graduate Institute of
Natural Products with M.S (1992) and Ph.D. programs (2001),
and Ph.D. program in Toxicology (2011). From 2007, according to
KMU’s regulations, the School of Pharmacy and the Department of
Fragrance and Cosmetic Science have adopted the undergraduategraduate
institute integration. The Graduate Institute of Clinical
Pharmacy was integrated into the School of Pharmacy and
renamed as the MS program in Clinical Pharmacy in 2013. After
the integration of the School of Pharmacy, the school adopted
divisions of professions called the “4+2” approach: 4 stands for
the four-year undergraduate program, and 2 stands for choosing
one of the graduate programs after the former program, including
the research field of clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and
social pharmacy, respectively.
The “4+2” approach increases students’ choices, improves
the learning environment, and cultivates professionals in the
pharmaceutical field. The Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic
Science takes advantage of KMU’s medical background to cultivate
professionals in the field of medical beauty treatment. The Ph.D.
program in Toxicology, established in 2011, actively promotes the
toxicologist certification system to cope with the problems of the
domestic environment and frequent incidents of food poisoning.
The Graduate Institute of Natural Products excels at research on
natural products and is the pioneer in Taiwan. MS. and Ph.D.
programs in other departments aim to explore Chinese herbs,
pharmaceutical synthesis, analysis biotechnology, pharmaceutical
dosage forms and the development of new drugs so as to produce
applied products and technologies to benefit the public. In
addition, the college actively promotes internalization and has
signed a dual degree agreement with University of Szeged and
Uppsala University.

One student has graduated from KMU-University of and
obtained a dual Ph.D. degree. Besides, the college also cooperates
with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS),
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the University of
Southern California (USC) to offer summer vacation overseas
internships courses and to have substantial bilateral exchanges.
Over the past fifty years, faculties of the College of Pharmacy were
established from virtually nothing to having certain qualities in
teaching equipment, teaching skills, and research. The college has
educated numerous students and these graduates contribute what
they have learnt to society, serve people, and have been appraised
highly by the public. The college follows the ideas of “Willing to
learn, study first” and “Perseverance, self-independence, learninghard,
and saving the world” to cultivate professionals with the
abilities of independent thinking and learning voluntarily, to have
abundant professional knowledge, and to be replete with research
energy and the humanities. These professionals are able to provide
pharmaceutical and cosmetic healthcare. In the developing strategy
of the college of Pharmacy, based on the present organization, the
school strengthens teaching, research, and service synergies to
respond to current developmental trends in pharmacy and to
execute the MOE’s outstanding teaching projects in order to
establish the institute as the college of Pharmacy with special
characteristics and competencies.



by Bliss Drive Review